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Programmable Isolated and Non-isolated Head Mount Transmitter

Easy to use and Configure !

Feature: Both the IsignalTrans IST-H (Isolated) and NST-H (Non Isolated) Transmitters take the thermocouple or RTD signal and gives a 4~20 mA output for field transmission.

Feature: Configure without power or load connected, Ideal for configuration in the workshop before installation.

Feature: ISOLATED on input or for a less expensive version use the Non-Isloated.

Feature: Configurable inputs and range.

Feature: Loop powered 2 wire device (10 ~ 36 Vdc)

The iSignalTrans IST-H and NST-H "Head Mount" transmitters can be configurated using a PC with iSignalTrans software and interface cable. "iSignalWin" is our user-friendly calibration software. This allows changes between thermocouple and PT100 and mV inputs. The latest release version can be download free from our website. The transmitter can be calibrated in the workshop without connection to any wiring or power source.

This unit fits the KN size (small) thermocouple/PT100 head) It is user configurable between most thermocouples and PT100 inputs as well as a variety of volts or mA inputs. You can also set the ranges to suit your own application to get the best measurment resolution.

You can also set the "BURN OUT" failure mode, either driving the output fully on or fully off.

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Input Thermocouple (T/C) : industry standard thermocouple types J, K, T, E, B, R, S, N, C (ITS-90).
Pt100: Excitation 180uA. 2 or 3 wire connection (ITS-90 a =0.00385).
Voltage: -60 mV dc to 60 mV dc or -10Vdc to 10V dc.
Current : 0-24 mA dc (optional )
Accuracy Refer to Table 1.Input Signal
A/D Resolution 16 bits
Input Sampling Rate <200 ms
Power supply DC 10 to 36 V,
Max Load (V-10)/0.02 ohm
Humidity 0 to 90% RH
Output Resolution 0.6 µA (15 bits)
Output Responce Time <200 ms
Common Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR) >80 dB
Electromagnetic compatibility En 50081-2, En 50082-2
Galvanic isolation 4 KV between input and output
Operating temperature -40 to 85 ºC
Humidity 0~90% RH
  1. Calibration is done using a USB port on your PC and a special USB cable that includes an interface adaption. This cable is avaliable from us and it's code is URC-1020.
  2. Selection of different thermocouples or PT100 inputs or mV inputs and configuration of the ranges is via the software.
  3. Our EzPro hand held programmer can be used to facilitate configuration and input selection.
  4. Should you require volt or milli amp inputs this must initially done by the factory, therafter ranges etc may be done by the customer.
Input signal Maximum Range Accuracy
Thermocouple J -50 to 1000 ºC (-58 to 1832 ºF ) ± 1 ºC
Thermocouple K -50 to 1370 ºC (-58 to 2498 ºF ) ± 1 ºC
Thermocouple T -270 to 400 ºC (-454 to 752 ºF ) ± 1 ºC
Thermocouple E -50 to 960 ºC (-58 to 1760 ºF ) ± 1 ºC
Thermocouple B 0 to 1750 ºC (32 to 3182 ºF ) ± 2 ºC (Note1)
Thermocouple R -50 to 1750 ºC (-58 to 3182 ºF ) ± 2 ºC
Thermocouple S -50 to 1750 ºC (-58 to 3182 ºF ) ± 2 ºC
Thermocouple N -50 to 1300 ºC (-58 to 2372 ºF ) ± 2 ºC
Thermocouple C -50 to 1800 ºC (-58 to 3272 ºF ) ± 2 ºC
Pt100 -200 to 600 ºC (-328 to 1112 ºF ) ± 0.2 ºC
mV -60mVto 60mV ± 0.01m V
Voltage (Note2) -10 to 10Vdc ± 1m V
Current (Note2) 0 to 24mAdc ± 10µA
Table 1.Input Signal
Note 1 : Accuracy is not guaranteed between 0 and 400 ºC (0 and 752 ºF) for type B, R and S.
Note 2 : The internal solder links are used for these inputs.
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