Vertex DIN Rail PID Controller

DIN rail mount PID Temperature controller with Soft Start, Ramp and other great features such as 8 segment Profile Control (8 x ramp and soak steps) and two Transistor Output alarms. RS485 MODBUS comms built in and Auto-Tune for PID !

Use this "in panel" DIN rail controller with your PLC or DCS or PC or Scada system or simply as a stand alone unit. (24 Vdc Mains power unit)


The VERTEX "MPC" FUZZY ENHANCED PID DIN Rail module controllers can be programmed / configured using the built in RS485 MODBUS port via a mini USB plug on the front allowing you to connect to your PC. Every paramater in the controller is accessible as either a read/write or read only depending on the nature of the register.

This module is very versatile and can be user configured to be a simple PID controller or set up to have an 8 segment "ramp and soak" setpoint profile for control.


The MPC unit has a host of enhancements including a "RAMP" function and a very useful "SOFT START" function especially aimed at the plastic industry where slow heating of elements to avoid damage is required. With this feature you can limit the "output power" to a low value until the heater has warmed up and is ready for full power heating.

Inputs can be user configured between various thermocouple and RTD and analog inputs such as 4~20 mA or 0~10 Vdc with ease by dip switch setting and software selection. (No calibration required).

Outputs are changed by pin bridge selection and then calibration. You can however simply just order the units set up as you require and they will come from your supplier set as you require.

These units can be configured using the RS485 port or by your laptop with a cable.

We have done applications where 5 of these DIN rail controllers are connected via a RS485 link to one of our SD5 indicators that display the measured temperatures.



  • Type J, K, T, E, B, R, S, N, C
  • RTD Din PT100: JIS PT100
  • Linear 0/4~20 mA, 0~50 mV, 0/1~5/10Vdc
  • SSR (24 Vdc 100 mA)(resistive load 250 Ω min)
  • Analog 4~20 mA (resistive load 600 Ω max)
  • Analog 0~10 Vdc 1~5 Vdc etc (resistive load 600 Ω min)

Control Action

This is a full three term FUZZY ENHANCED PID auto tuning temperature controller. Auto tune PID, PD, P or on/off with adjustable deadband
PID Parameters
  • Full Fuzzy Enhanced three term PID control action
  • Proportional Band 0.0% ~ 300.0% F/S
  • Integral Time 0~4000 seconds
  • Derivative 0~1000 seconds
Soft Start Function This function uses 2 paramaters. The first is a target temperature below which the output will be limited to the value set in the second paramater. So as an example you have a target temperature of 100 deg C and as long as the measured temperature is below that the output can be limited to any value between 0 and 100 % of full power, so say 20% or whatever you require
Ramp Function The ramp can be used separately from the “Soft Start” or in conjunction with as you please. With the Ramp value set to 0 the ramp is disabled. When a value has been set in Deg C / min each time a setpoint change is made the setpoint will ramp at the set rate from the original value to the new setpoint value. This can be set between the range of 0 ~ 9999 ?/min (0.0 – 999.9)
  • 2 Open collector transistor output alarms are included.
  • They can be configured as either n/o or n/c alarms.
  • The alarm action (function) is fully configurable making them a very useful tool. The configurations available include high, low, deviation high/low, band and timer linked alarms
  • There is a feature to deactivate the alarms on initial start-up to avoid nuisance trips
  • Latch alarm function is also available
  • Because these are Open Collector Outputs you cannot connect mains voltage to these alarms, you must use an interposing DC coil plug in relay in order to switch mains voltage.
  • You can only use DC voltages between 5 and 36 Vdc and max 30 mA on these outputs as shown in the sketch.
  • Alarm1

    Open Collector Output
      DC: 5 ~36 V  30mA(Max.)


Cycle Time

There is an adjustable "cycle time". For Solid State Relays it is set to 1 to give a much faster switching time aimed at delivering smaller increments of energy to the load, thereby making it possible to get tighter control and 0 seconds for analog control such as 4~20 mA etc
RS485 Comm's
  • Full Modbus RS485 comm's available
Power Supply
  • DC 24 V +/- 4V (1.5w max)
Accuracy (On input)
  • Thermocouple ............± 1.0 º C
  • RTD .............................± 0.2 º C
  • Linear...........................± 0.3 % of full range
Sampling Rate
  • 0.1 sec (10 times a second)
Ambient Temp
  • 0 ~ 55 º C
A/D Resolution
  • 16 bits
  • 0-90% non-condensing
Galvanic Isolation
  • 3.75 KV between input and output
Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • En 50081-2, En 50082-2
Common Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR)
  • > 80 db
Output Resolution
  • 15 bits (when the output is used for retransmission rather than control. This is more accurate than practically required but is a good thing)

Ordering Code Information

Default setting is Type K input 0~1000 deg C and 4~20 mA output




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