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Terms and Conditions ( UK )
General 062019

  1. Conditions of sale: By placing an order and making payment the purchaser agrees to these VERTEX-QIS Terms and Conditions unless otherwise mutually agreed in writing.
  2. Legal Jurisdiction: All business conducted with VERTEX-QIS shall be considered a contract made in England and shall be governed in all respects by the law of the United Kingdom and the parties agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts, in this case the nearest court or small claims court to our office in Broughton.
  3. Purchasing Contract: A legally binding contract is only entered into when Vertex-QIS accepts an order from a prospective buyer in writing or by email.
    • An order is deemed to be an official purchasing company order issued by the purchasing company.
    • A quotation issued by Vertex-QIS or price enquiry from the purchasing company responded to by email or in writing does not constitute a contract and may be withdrawn at any time.
    • Placing an order online equally does not constitute a contract until VERTEX-QIS have responded and accepted the automatic online instruction by processing the said request or acknowledging the request in writing or by email.
    • We reserve the right to withdraw any quotation or offer at any stage until Vertex-QIS have acknowledged receipt of any order in accordance with the above terms and conditions.
  4. Fit for purpose: The onus is on the purchaser to establish that what they are ordering is what they want and will suit their application.
  5. Application / Engineering advice: Any application or engineering advice offered by VERTEX-QIS is merely that, simple guidelines. VERTEX-QIS maintain full indemnity against responsibility or prosecution for all or any mishap that may occur in using these guidelines, correctly or incorrectly. The onus is still on the user to ensure that all electrical or other engineering regulations / guidelines applicable together with health and safety regulations and guidelines are adhered to and it is our advise, that in the event that you are not confident in the installation or using of our equipment, you leave it alone and call a qualified electrician or engineer to assist.
  6. Force Majure: VERTEX-QIS shall not be liable in any way for failing to execute or deliver an order or service if the said delay or delivery is caused by circumstances or events outside our reasonable control.


  1. Warranty: VERTEX-QIS offer a 2 year warranty on our temperature controller products. This covers workmanship and material of our controller (s) but excludes any consequential loss or damage that may result from the use of our product. Because Solid State Relays are semiconductor devices that can be damaged in one half cycle are therefore not covered by our warranty. The warranty excludes damage that in our opinion may have been caused by incorrect installation, application or engineering including physical installation, environmental affects or electrical wiring etc. The warranty explicitly only covers workmanship and material of our controller (s).
  2. Warranty claims: will be evaluated at the sole discretion of VERTEX-QIS and on inspection, if the goods are deemed to be faulty under warranty will be either replaced or repaired by VERTEX-QIS free of charge.
    • We will only offer a replacement or exchange unit after the faulty one has been returned and evaluated.
  3. Repairs: VERTEX-QIS does not repair any faulty units.  Once the unit has failed or been damaged it is impossible to detect if other components have been stressed so we exchange the faulty unit for a new unit either free of charge in the case of “Warranty Exchanges” or at a reduced cost of 30% (May vary depending on model of item) of the price you paid.
  4. Return of goods: All costs for returning these goods will be for the account of the customer.

Cancellation Policy

  1. Cancellation policy (Goods Ex Stock). Any order placed and paid for may be cancelled by e-mail prior to it’s despatch.  An order is deemed to be cancelled only when VERTEX-QIS have responded in similar fashion by e-mail accepting the cancellation request. VERTEX-QIS, at our discretion, may charge a cancellation administration fee of 6%.
  2. Cancellation policy (Special orders and Goods not ex stock) any order for goods not normally ex stock that has been placed may be cancelled by e-mail prior to payment and it’s processing.  After order and payment for Special orders and Goods not ex stock there because they come from our factory we cannot accept a cancellation. However we will always do our best to accommodate a customer request. An order is deemed to be cancelled only when VERTEX-QIS have responded in similar fashion by e-mail accepting the cancellation request. In the event that we can accommodate under very special circumstances a cancellation of a “Special orders and Goods not ex stock” VERTEX-QIS at our discretion may charge a cancellation administration fee of 6%.
  3. Refund / Returns policy (Large orders or special option units): Any goods ordered that are not ex stock, in response to specific orders placed by customers, for large quantities or product with non standard options etc that may be sourced from our factory and supplied to the customer "as a special order" will be on a “non return basis” under any circumstances and will be paid for in full by the customer before the order can be processed unless otherwise agreed.
  4. Refund policy (All other orders): Because of the nature of the goods we sell that can easily damaged or electrically stressed simply by installing / connecting incorrectly VERTEX-QIS do not usually accept returns for refund. We will however entertain under special circumstances returns when done by prior agreement with VERTEX-QIS. VERTEX-QIS reserve the right to charge a "goods return" charge of up to 30 % of the initial purchase price.
  5. Goods will only be considered when returned in their original packaging and have not been installed and are in "as good as new" condition. Refunds will only be considered thereafter once the goods have been checked and tested by VERTEX-QIS. All costs for returning these goods will be for the account of the customer.


  1. Delivery Methods:
    • Courier.  We currently use Parcelforce and this should be overnight.  Prices for courier offered on our web site are for mainland UK and exclude Northern Ireland, Scottish Highlands and Channel and Offshore Islands.  For these please contact us to confirm delivery prices before processing an online order.
    • Royal Mail 1st class.  We offer this service for small parcels to for customers who wish to keep delivery costs down.  Please note that goods sent using this method are not covered for loss in the post should they go missing.
  2. Delivery Lead Times:
    • Any delivery lead times are quoted in good faith, but are only estimates and QIS / VERTEX cannot be held responsible if these are not met. We do however always endeavour to offer exceptional service at all times, including our deliveries.
    • If we envisage a delivery problem we will let you know as soon as we are aware of any problems.
  3. Delivery/Post warranty: Goods sent by Royal Mail 1st Class are not covered for loss in the post and if they go missing will not be replaced free of charge. We keep a picture of the box and proof of posting.  Goods sent by Courier (Parcelforce) are covered if lost, up to a value of £200.00 as long as there is no proof of delivery signature available and will be replaced after due investigation and tracing through the respective carrier (Parcelforce). Thereafter enhanced liability can be requested and as an optional extra.  This normally costs about £11.00 per consignment. To be checked at date of purchase.
  4. Delivery, Risk and Ownership: Any goods purchased from VERTEX-QIS remain the property of VERTEX-QIS until full payment has been made and the goods have been dispatched. Thereafter responsibility and ownership become that of the purchaser.


  • We accept payments in any one of the following ways:
    • Bank Transfer
    • Card payment (most well known cards) using ePDQ our Barclaycard secure online card processing system
    • Card Payment over the phone should you so choose
    • Cheque in the post against pro-forma invoice
  • Due to the high incidence of card fraud VERTEX-QIS reserves the right to accept or reject purchases paid for by card.
  • VERTEX-QIS employ a strict privacy policy where no records at all are kept by VERTEX-QIS regarding our client’s card purchase details.
  • We are "Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)" compliant and undergo their regular reviews and scrutiny to ensure that your card details are kept secure when buying through our site or over the phone.
  • The prices quoted are applicable to United Kingdom and exclude VAT and “Post and packaging”.
  • Goods will only be dispatched once payment has been received and cleared.
  • Goods will only be sent to the card registered billing address unless we can satisfy ourselves that another delivery address is acceptable.

VERTEX-QIS reserves the right to withhold orders if we are not satisfied with information submitted or there are inconsistencies in the information.

For over the phone card transactions we will require the following information..

Card number
Expiry date
Last 3 digits on the back

We may also request the following...

Your first name
Your last name
The billing address of the card holder
Telephone number of cardholder as recorded by card issuer
For UK Maestro or Solo cards, the issue number and start date




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