Vertex VD series single digital display controllers are our low cost, yet reliable, ON/OFF or proportional controllers. This is a very basic controller and not really suited for use with Solid State Relays or Analog output applications.

Ideal for those applications where rough control is OK. Where you need better control use our F Series or VT26 Series. The main feature with this low end range of controllers is that you can select thermocouple and PT100 inputs directly from the front panel. You can also select a range closest to your operating temperature, thereby giving you the most accurate control. They all come standard with one alarm, and depending on the size can have up to 3 optional alarms.


Inputs Inputs are user configurable for all thermocouples and RTD (PT100) from the front panel membrane. Other analog inputs including 4~20 mA are avaliable but must be specified when ordering.
Ranges You can also set any range to suit your application. There are "high" and "low" limits that you can set

Control Action

This is a simple controller and so offer as factory default on/off control. You can however also make it a proportional control action controller simply by making "proportional" anything other than 0
Alarms Each model in the range comes standard with 1 configurable alarm. Up to 3 alarms is avaliable as an optional extra on some sizes
Dead Band There is an adjustable dead band when the controller is used in the on/off mode. This is sometimes reffered to as a "hysterisis" setting.
Cycle Time There is an adjustable "cycle time". This is set primarily to suit the type of control element you are using. For a mechanical contactor it is normally set to 15 seconds, to prevent excessive ware and tear on the contactor. For Solid State Relays it is set to 1 to give a much faster switching time aimed at delivering smaller incriments of energy to the load, thereby making it possible to get tighter control and 0 seconds for analog control
Input Filter There is an adjustabe input filter to smooth the input signal when trying to control those difficult applications
Din Sizes

VD2004 ....96w x 96h

VD2003....96w x 48h

VD2001....72w x 72h

VD2000....48w x 48h


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Power supply

90~264 Vac. 50/60 Hz or Vdc

18 ~ 32 Vac or Vdc See application note about this option

Inputs Type J, K, R, T and PT100 selectable from front panel How to Change Input Type
Ranges as per table : View Ranges
Outputs Relay (10A/240 Vac), SSR (24 VDC 100mA) Milli-amp 0 or 4~20 -
Choose from above when ordering
Control ON/OFF or proportional
Cycle Time Adjustable for relay, SSR or 4~20
Accuracy +/- 1ºC for Thermocouple +/- 0.2ºC for PT100
Ambient Temp 0-50ºC
Humidity 0-90% non-condensing IP63 rated
Power Consumption Less than 3 VA

Standard with 1 configurable alarm: high, low, high linked to set point or low linked to set point

Optional extra up to 3 alarms except on the 48 x 48 size

Sampling Rate 5 times a second


VD26 Con Dia

2 Year Warranty

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