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Solid State relays Solid State Relays are high speed state-of-the-art semiconductor load switching relays, that when used with “PID” or proportional output temperature controllers, will give you much improved accuracy in controlling your temperature.

When using a solid state relay, the “cycle time” of a controller can be reduced from 15 seconds (typical for contactor control) to 1 second for the SSR. This allows the temperature controller to switch much smaller bursts of power to your elements, thereby delivering smaller amounts of power to the elements, reducing overshoot and improving accuracy of control!

We offer these SSR's in current ratings of 10 amps, 25 amps and 40 amps.

Please note: Due to "derating constraints" all SSR's should be derated. This means our 40 amp SSR should be limited to about 32 amps and the 25 amp to about 20 amps. Please refer to our app note on this matter and general application and installation guidelines.

They are available in 250 VAC and 480 VAC load circuit voltage rating.

  • 250 VAC for use in 240 volt applications where the element is connected between the live and a neutral or where three phase is used with three sets of elements connected in star (The one end of each is connected together and then connected to a neutral)
  • 480 VAC for 415 volt circuits. mainly when heating elements are connected in delta and the line voltage is 415 VAC

Our SSR's have three control options:

  • DC 4~32 volts, meaning that any voltage between 4 and 32 volts DC will switch them on.
  • AC 90~280 or AC90~480 volts, meaning that any voltage between 90~280 or 90~480 volts will switch them on.
  • Potentiometer control, meaning that there is a potentiometer that when turned will regulate the power much like a domestic light dimmer.

Our SSR’s have “Zero Voltage Turn-on”:

  • Because the SSR is turned on when the voltage is passing though the “zero point”, it reduces the inrush current to the load and also reduces the electromagnetic noise that may otherwise be generated.

Our SSR’s have “Zero Current Turn-off”

  • Because the SSR is turned off when the current is at it’s lowest, when switching inductive loads the back EMF is considerably reduced, thus increasing the life of the SSR.

Our SSR’s have a built in “Snubber Circuit”

  • This acts as a noise filter and prevents spurious signal noise from inadvertently switching the SSR on. It also helps with the switching of inductive loads that generate large inrush or switch-off spikes.

Fuse protection:

  • We recommend that our SSR’s be protected by “Ultra High Speed Fuses”. These fuses are rated by the I²t value. The fuse must have a rating of less than the SSR I²t value specified in the specification tables below..

'LED' indicating control signal status

Potentiometer controlled power regulation

  • Available to reduce power manually just like an industrial light dimmer

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